Taylen King

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Taylen King is currently accepting writing requests for free. These requests are short stories/scenarios regarding his past and current books. Original requests can also be made. Please leave your first name or a nickname so Taylen can shout you out once he completes the request!

Please Note:

  • Taylen may not answer every request.
  • Requests can be modified through the creative process.
  • Please be thorough if you have a specific request. If regarding past or current books, please mention character names. What do you want the characters to do? Is it a humorous, funny, flirty, or sad scene? If it’s an original request, does it matter what the character(s) look like? Do you want a character to have a specific personality or identity?
  • All requests will be posted at King’s Palace Fiction. Please ensure you are a member of The King’s Palace so you can be notified when your request is posted! Subscribe to The King’s Palace for free!