Taylen King

Writer, Creator, and Visionary


Taylen holds an English degree with a Creative Writing minor from East Carolina University. Ever since he could articulate his thoughts, the power of storytelling has captivated him. 

When he was ten years old, it surprised his family to find a hilarious story about them and other church members, which he had composed. They distributed the document among the congregation, who adored the piece. At this moment, Taylen wished to craft words for a living and ignite emotions.

Taylen holds his original works close, as they contain a part of his culture and soul. He has been sharing his stories online since he was fourteen, from writing fan fiction on YouTube (yes, that was a thing) to sharing his works on Wattpad. His stories have become immensely popular on Wattpad, garnering millions of views and earning him a dedicated following.

Currently, Taylen King is passionately writing his book, Through the Fire. You can find this book and others on Wattpad, and soon, you can own them.


Get in touch

Taylen is always open to business and collaboration opportunities. He is also open to making friends worldwide. Taylen is very active on Twitter. You are welcome to join him in talking about writing, sports, tv shows, movies, and anything else!