Taylen King is a Black trans-masculine writer navigating life through his experiences and creativity.

Taylen aims to create stories that amplify and celebrate Black and queer voices and experiences.

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Through the Fire

Chef Naaji “Naz” Ofori is a young first-rate chef who’s taking the city of Atlanta by storm. He’s the author of award-winning cookbooks, a James Beard Award winner, and the owner of one of the hottest restaurants in the city: The Black Ambrosia. Naz’s path to success, while embracing his transgender identity, has been anything but easy. However, he triumphed over all obstacles with his ambitious drive and the prayers of his Ghanaian mother. Everything about Naz screams the perfect man: handsome, talented, and rich, yet his love life is dormant. His picky nature keeps him single by choice, but he has his eyes on one particular woman. She may be out of his league, even for someone of his caliber.

Kaielle Bree “Kai” Havens is a fashion designer and owns the luxury streetwear brand: Haven’s Gate. Once upon a time, she was Atlanta’s top attraction, a skilled stripper at the city’s leading gentleman’s club. Now, celebrities and high fashion brands recruit her for her voguish, inventive designs. Kai spent most of last year healing from a toxic four-year relationship with her R&B superstar ex-boyfriend. Her friends and therapist suggest that it’s time to return to the dating scene. And though Kai believes they are correct, the ghosts of her past still haunt her.

Naz and Kai are young, successful Black business owners trying to navigate life, love, and business in Atlanta. They possess the makings of a supreme pair, but can they transcend through the fire as life gets tough?

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